Into Spring

With ski season coming to a close the summer option of still shredding down the mountain has begun. Check out this short film taken yesterday (Saturday May 10th) at Sugarbush.

The idea of making a short mountain bike film arose amongst my friends and I in a group chat just brainstorming fun things to do for the weekend. So, thus the film. Made over the course of 7 hours on the mountain; thats 3 shooting film, 4 shooting stills, all the while lugging 50 lbs of gear on our backs. It was an epic way to start of the shooting season with my friends Brooks, Ben, Brandon, and Zak. We ended up not going to bed until 3 am Sunday because I wanted to prove that I could finish a short film in under 24 hours, and not turn out half bad.

On Sunday Ben had to return home to Wellesley, Massachusetts for mothers day, while Brooks and I headed to North East, Vermont to go ride Kingdom Trails. I hadn’t ridden there before so Brooks insisted that I join him and over all turned out to be quite the epic day of riding.

With my muscles torn to bits and in the healing process I now head to a mothers day dinner at a local restaurant. What one hell of a way to start the summer.


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